East Window

The east window is the only one with a coloured glass design. In 1742 it was constructed with just the top semi-circle in coloured glass. The image in the semi – circle was of the Holy Spirit descending as a dove, from a position higher than anyone in the church. The stained glass of 1922 is a memorial by Mrs Ellison, widow of the Rev James Ellison of St Georges Sutton, to her parents Thomas and Martha Barrow. It was made by Walter Pearce of Manchester and Wilmslow at a cost of £500. Pearce was part of the Arts and Crafts movement, but unfortunately he has made the silhouette of the pelican harder to see. The coloured glass has five panels: the large centre one shows Jesus saying “Because I live, ye shall live also” and applying this even to the Roman soldier holding Jesus` robe at the crucifixion. The others show Jesus healing the sick, raising the dead, teaching his disciples and blessing them with peace.